If dogs could talk

‘The leg might be broken, but I can still annoy the fluff of you!’

‘Mum said all I have to do is give you puppy eyes and you’ll feed me.
How’m I doin’...?’

‘I don’t get it. Where’s the milk?!’

‘Think you’re good, huh? Just wait till I sneeze.’

‘Therrrz no way that was [hiccup!] juzzt milk! [hiccup]!’

‘If the puppy eyes don’t work, use more conventional methods.’


‘Welllll, I’m a Gemini.....aaaaaannnd I like long walks on the beach. Aaaaannnd I, like, LOVE tennis balls. ha ha ha’

‘I’m not....[yawn]...tired, ok? I’m...just..... a little...sllleeepy......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’

‘Why are people so unkind?’

‘BUT I DON’T WANNA GO...!!!! AAAAaaaaaahahhhahh’

‘I’d better be getting paid overtime for this.’

‘Ahhh! A mouse!! Quick...on the chair!’

‘Rrrrr....like a tiger. Rrrrrrr’

‘What?! I didn’t.....I....I was just thirsty.’

‘Hey, did you take my Old Spice??
No, seriously....’

‘Why did I eat so many cookies. Why?!’


‘He he he. I went through your bag, man, and I found this little bag of green stuff. So I totally ate it.
Awesome. He he he.’

‘‘Sup, Shorty?! You bangin’ tonight?’

‘Kid....you’re asking the wrong guy.’’

‘You’d think that looking like a panda I would get a bit more attention around here. Hello....? Pat me please. Hellooooo??’


‘Bread. You’re seriously giving me bread...?’

‘[sniff sniff]....why don’t they want [sniff] to play with me??’

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