Fun on the Town

ATM Jackpot!
When the money comes out of the ATM, scream “I Won! I Won! That's the third time this week!!!”

You won the Lottery!
If you have a local lottery where you get to pick your own numbers, buy a fresh newspaper with last night’s winning numbers then buy those very same numbers. With great excitement show off your winning numbers to your family and friends.

Lunchtime Speed Trap
At lunch time, have lunch in your car and have some fun at the same time. Park your car just off a main road. Roll down your window and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.

Grocery Planting
Depending on your disposition, you can do this one on friends, or total strangers. While grocery shopping people often leave their cart unattended while grabbing an item off of the shelf. Take this opportunity to slip unwanted items into their cart. They generally won’t discover the mystery items until they reach the checkout, sometimes not until they reach home. The more bizarre the items you introduce into their cart, the funnier the outcome. Consider canned fish balls (yes, they do exist), cans of Spam, ugly fruit, head cheese, pickled pigs feet, etc..

Grocery Stalking
If you ever catch a friend, relative, or neighbor arriving home from the grocery store with a trunk load of groceries, wait until they go into the house with their first bags of groceries. Then, quickly remove two more bags of groceries from their car and duck out of sight. Keep removing and replacing groceries (with and without the bags) until you get caught. They will generally become so bewildered that they will be relieved to find out that it was only you “assisting” them.

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